"Wonder Woman's"Gal Gadot Got Paid Shockingly Little for Her Lead Role"

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According to Decider, Gal Gadot made just $415,000 for her starring role as Wonder Woman.

Everyone's favourite sword-wielding Amazonian, Gal Gadot, earned around $US300,000 ($NZ415,000) for her role in DC's latest superhero blockbuster. That very same article by ComicBook dubs Wonder Woman as "one of the most recognizable superheroines of all-time".

Gal Gadot's salary in Wonder Woman was much lower compared to the first outings of her male counterparts. The film dominated the box office for two weeks straight, and hit the worldwide gross of $500 million this past weekend.

At the time, Variety noted about Gadot's casting: "Limiting the deal to three pictures makes sense for Warners, since the studio still doesn't know how [audiences] will react to Wonder Woman in the untitled Batman-Superman movie".

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However, when you consider that Wonder Woman has already made $US500 million and has just crossed its third week in theatres, less than half a million seems cheap.

Conversely, Marvel powerhouse Chris Evans signed onto the first Captain America movie for only $US300,000. And Henry Cavill earned $14 million for the first time he played Superman in "Man of Steel".

Not everyone can be Robert Downey Jr., who negotiated his way into an over $US40 million payday for a Captain America movie (Captain America: Civil War). While more information is clearly needed for some people to form a complete opinion about the actress' contract, there are plenty of others who see that $300,000 pay day as being another example of Hollywood not treating its female stars with equality. And now, it appears Wonder Woman has a shot at another major box office list. Because of the success of "Wonder Woman", it's likely Gadot is eligible for potential bonuses in her contract.

A lot of that success comes down to Gadot's powerful and vulnerable performance.