Capito says she can't support GOP health care bill

President Donald Trump said there would be “a great great surprise,” in the health care bill later saying it would be “great if we get it done” but “OK” if they don’t

He specifically pointed to those that impact drug treatment at a time when OH is facing an opioid epidemic.

If you have family or friends who live in West Virginia, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Alaska or OH, their calls are especially important. Shelley Moore Capito says she can't support the Senate GOP leadership's proposed health care overhaul.

Fewer federal dollars towards Medicaid could affect more than just hospitals.

Ashley Berrang, spokeswoman for the senator, said that Capito is "continuing to review and working to improve the health care legislation released last week".

"At the same time, West Virginia has the largest Medicaid population in the country".

More than 172,000 West Virginians have health care coverage through Medicaid expansion, according to the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources.

The Virginia analysis is preliminary and looks at the bill that was released Thursday.

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Senate Republican leaders delay healthcare bill vote
The plan from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was to have a final vote on a GOP health bill by this Friday at the latest. That is the number of Republican senators who must back the bill for it to survive, with all Democrats opposed.

In the statement, Capito said she has vowed to support a bill that lowers the cost of healthcare for West Virginians and increases access to substance abuse treatment, and this bill does not do that. Hill showed Capito photos of Amy before, during and after treatment, trying to talk her into a critical no-vote given Republican's narrow Senate majority.

"All of us at some point are going to need to access the healthcare system".

Mitch McConnel wants to present it next week and give the senators a day to read it and then vote before July 4, 2017. A vote on the motion to proceed was to be held today. "The Senate draft before us includes some promising changes to reduce premiums in the individual insurance market, but I continue to have real concerns about the Medicaid policies in this bill, especially those that impact drug treatment at a time when OH is facing an opioid epidemic", he said. In the days and weeks ahead, I'm committed to continue talking with my colleagues about how we can fix the serious problems in our health care system while protecting Ohio's most vulnerable citizens.

"Unfortunately, the Senate draft falls short and therefore I can not support it in its current form", Portman said.

U.S. Sen, Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., also rejected the ACA replacement on the grounds that it would harm West Virginians too deeply. He hoped a motion to proceed, if there was a vote, would fail.

Clay Marsh, vice president and executive dean of health sciences and a professor of medicine, said more than half of West Virginia's population depends on Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and other programs for care.

Medicaid pays public schools for many services for special education students, but the Senate bill removes schools from eligible Medicaid providers, costing Virginia an estimated $40 million annually; $3 million in Fairfax County; $2 million in the City of Alexandria. Even those with employer-provided care are bound to lose benefits and protections.