EU Commission fines Google a record 2.42 billion (EUR) (£2.1 billion)

Google hit with staggering €2.42 billion fine for manipulating search results -- and it could be forced to pay even more

Margrethe Vestager also said that Google is deep into illegality territory.

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The EU commission said Google had systematically given prominent placement to its own shopping service and demoted rival comparison shopping services in its search results. This is widely considered the EU's most significant antitrust ruling since 2004, when Microsoft was fined over $500 million, according to TechCrunch. It has denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate.

"Most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation".

Specifically, the European Union says Google's comparison-shopping offering appears "at or near the top" of its own search results.

Europe in 2015 formally charged Google with abusing its dominance in search by giving advantage to its own comparison-shopping service. If the company fails to comply within 90 days, it'll be looking at a daily penalty equal to 5% of parent company Alphabet's average daily worldwide earnings.

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In 2013, Google reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, ducking an antitrust lawsuit over whether it favors its own services in search rankings.

The fine signalled a tough stance by the agency in the first of three investigations into the company's dominance in searches and smartphones.

Download the Nigeria Today app from Play store. "And advertisers want to promote those same products", Kent Walker, senior vice president at Google, said in a statement. The most prominent graphic in the European Union report shows just how dominant Google is as a search engine. "With this decision, the commission is saying that Google has broken the law and now needs to stop its abuse and allow competition back into the marketplace", said Richard Stables, the Kelkoo's CEO.

"GOOG claims that the EU's decision underestimates the value that GOOG's features provides users, and that customers usually prefer links that take them directly to the products themselves, not to other websites where they have to repeat their search", Macquarie wrote. For its part, Google has said it disagrees with the commission's finding and is considering appealing the case. We will review the commission's decision in detail as we consider an appeal'.

"Google's conduct is significantly impacting on competition in the travel vertical, the single largest of the vertical search markets, at the expense of consumers and of Google's competitors..." One concerns the Android operating system, the other AdSense.