Indians becomes second highest number of migrants in Australia

The full results of last year's bungled census are set to be released on Tuesday

Read the original article. The Independent Assurance Panel has assured the latest pulse can be utilised with confidence. While this was prompted by the failure of the online portal on census night, and the privacy concerns expressed by many, the additional scrutiny is a good idea.

In 2006, 1.7 percent of Australians chose Islam as their preferred religion.

The median age of people in same-sex couples was 40 years, which lower than heterosexual people in a couple at 48 years.

Although the process was marred by technical issues, they believe the more than 95% of households completed the national survey, making it the largest ever at 68.9 Million pieces of data. All data has its limitations.

Here are some take-outs from this week's release of the national data.

This data has barely changed since 2011.

According to the Uniting Church it is the first time in its history that the census figure has slipped below one million, although other major Christian denominations have also experienced drops in membership in line with the generally ageing demographic profile of Australian Christians. "That's from one in every two migrants to one in every three in the space of 15 years", the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) wrote, as quoted by Huffington Post Australia.

The current trend has also somehow aided in slowing down the country's aging population as Asian immigrants tend to be relatively much younger than European immigrants in general.

"A small minority of Australians claim to be Muslim", he said, adding that "the notion that we'll see sharia law introduced because of this 2 percent is ridiculous".

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More than a quarter of Australians are now born overseas with 18 per cent of migrants arriving just within the past five years. More importantly, though, most of our more recent arrivals are from Asia.

Both China and India have more than 50 times our population, whereas we have five times the population of New Zealand or Ireland.

Also, Aussies are getting older. One in six Australians are now aged over 65 - "compared to one in seven in 2011 and only one in 25 in 1911", the ABS said.

Migrants make up 28 per cent of the populations of NSW and Victoria and 32 per cent of the population of Western Australia.

The Census data also shows that the cost of servicing the average mortgage has fallen and Reardon said that this is largely due to declining interest rates and also the growth in the share of the market that is renting. And more research is needed to uncover whether and why there are a number of people not answering individual items.

School students from across the Hawkesbury at Allowah Day as part of Reconciliation Week.

The data will no doubt be dissected a million different ways before the next snapshot in 2021, but here's what we have learned since the Census results were released this morning.

While English remains Australia's most-used language, it is becoming less common, with 72.7 per cent of residents reporting they spoke only English at home, down from 76.8 per cent in 2011. But it is an extra 38,209 individuals, or a 34.5% increase in children and youth with a core activity need for assistance. The census doesn't have information on house prices, but it does show that the median mortgage payment in Australia in 2016 was A$1,755 per month.

'Rental costs have increased by 24% in Sydney and 17% in Melbourne, which is in line with income growth. This accounts for some of the variation in reported rates of home ownership decline.