May tells European Union immigrants: 'We want you to stay'

Confident It goes without saying that I believe this sensible Brexit can and will be delivered by a Tory Government led by Mrs May

Barnier said: "More ambition, clarity and guarantees needed than in today's United Kingdom position".

Theresa May announced yesterday that European Union nationals with five years' or more of continuous residence in the United Kingdom will be able to apply for "settled status" post-Brexit, allowing them to live, work, study and claim benefits within the UK.

It said those who had lived in Britain for five years by an as yet unspecified cut-off point could acquire "settled status", similar to permanent residency.

It is not yet possible for European Union citizens in the United Kingdom to apply for the new residence documentation which will be required of European Union nationals under United Kingdom law after Brexit, as we have not yet been given any information about what the application is or what it will involve. "More ambition, clarity and guarantees needed than in today's United Kingdom position", he tweeted. "It is important that citizens in the United Kingdom are under the jurisdiction of our courts", she said.

- Family dependants who join a qualifying European Union citizen in the United Kingdom before the UK's exit will be able to apply for settled status after five years.

The right to apply for the new status will apply to family members and partners resident in the United Kingdom at the cutoff date, including those "who do not yet have five years' residence".

"Early agreement on these transitional arrangements so that trade between our countries can carry on flowing smoothly will reduce uncertainty, unlock investment decisions, instil business confidence and protect jobs and prosperity, in Britain, in Germany and across this continent", he said.

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Commenting on the government's proposals, Julian David, chief executive of industry representative body Tech UK, said: "The Government's commitment to a streamlined process and use of existing Government data to verify citizen history, as recommended by TechUK, is an example of how technology can help to address numerous practical challenges presented by Brexit".

She said the EU's proposal amounted to saying there would be "two classes of citizens" in the UK - "UK citizens, whose rights would be guaranteed by the UK courts; and EU citizens, whose rights would be guaranteed by the European Court of Justice". In other words, that some newly arrived citizens may already have lost their possibility of acquiring an automatic right to stay. "I believe it is a generous offer". Those already living in Britain but for a shorter period can remain until they are eligible to apply for "settled status".

'For if we get the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union right and reach a deal that protects jobs, business, and prosperity across the continent of Europe by maintaining trade flows, and avoiding unsafe cliff edges, then we can maximise the size of the cake and each enjoy a bigger piece'.

Will Irish citizens be exempt from this five-year residency requirement, and continue to be afforded equal treatment with United Kingdom nationals?

Any EU citizen who has been living in the United Kingdom continuously for five years.

Without putting a timescale on the transitional process, the Chancellor said firms needed certainty "whether it is the British importer renewing a contract with a French component supplier, the German vehicle exporter investing in its United Kingdom distribution network, the Dutch grower who is making a contract with a British supermarket chain or the Italian electricity company hedging its exposures through London's financial markets".

"And they won't be for free since Theresa May specified that the United Kingdom is "... looking to recover what is spent on the immigration system".