Mitch McConnell aims to revise Senate health care bill by Friday

Trump's strategic seating chart for meeting with GOP senators

"I want the Senate to pass a heath care bill because Obamacare is crushing Wisconsin families".

The announcement by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a setback to their plan to replace Obamacare. Demonstrators with Utah's Disabled Rights A.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who led the secret drafting of the measure and unveiled it last week, said lawmakers would continue negotiating, in a bid to bridge the "differences" that have split Republicans over the legislation. Nothing was done to earn the votes of 20 moderate House Republicans who voted against the bill.

The surprise development leaves the legislation's fate uncertain while raising new doubts about whether President Donald Trump will ever make good on his many promises to erase his predecessor's signature legislative achievement. That brings the total number of Republican Senators now expected to vote against the bill to at least nine.

Senator Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from ME who defied McConnell and helped force the delay in voting, said Tuesday that she has "deep problems" with the legislation.

McConnell said the meeting at the White House was "very helpful".

"I think that we would like to get a solution in place as quickly as possible, get our members there so then it's just a question of getting the [Congressional Budget Office] score and setting up the timeline for votes when we get back after the 4th of July break", Thune told Fox News. Most wore grim expressions.

Before grim-faced senators, the president spoke in vague terms about the bill, showing the lack of specificity that has hampered his attempts to wield political influence on Capitol Hill. McConnell allies argued that the approach alienated Heller and other Republicans rather than making it easier to get their votes.

Under the current bill, much of former President Barack Obama's health care law would be rolled back.

"I handle the Trump administration the same way I handled the Obama administration", said Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), whose district Trump lost by 16 point. And Democrats charge that this helps pay for a tax cut for the affluent.

But adjustments to placate conservatives, who want the legislation to be more stringent, only push away moderates who think its current limits - on Medicaid for example - are too strong.

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After the bill was made publicly available Thursday, Gardner told reporters, "We need to learn more and get the information and numbers behind it.That's not a no". Twenty-one percent of Republicans oppose the bill, and 35 percent support it.

The gathering is reminiscent of the health care effort in the House, when Trump hosted Republican congressmen after Speaker Paul Ryan was forced to pull the first version of the House bill - presumably to apply pressure.

Republicans hold 52 Senate seats.

But McConnell is finding it hard to satisfy demands from his diverse caucus.

Paul said the most important poll that exists on Obamacare is how many of its customers are able to get health insurance.

The bill's prospects were not helped by a Congressional Budget Office analysis saying it would cause 22 million Americans to lose insurance over the next decade.

VA Secretary David Shulkin has told Congress he expects many more veterans to turn to VA if the Senate legislation becomes law, in part because it would reduce projected spending on Medicaid by almost $800 billion over 10 years.

"As the USCCB has consistently said, the loss of affordable access for millions of people is simply unacceptable", he said of the office's estimate that the number of uninsured could increase by 22 million by 2026.

About two hours later, she was seated next to Trump during a meeting at the White House. Every day, these workers, who are primarily women, provide critical care for seniors, people who are sick, and persons living with disabilities.

Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services supported Conway's argument that people would not lose their coverage under the Senate legislation.