Northeast Florida school districts improve grade over past year

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The Sarasota County school district maintained its "A" rating from the Florida Department of Education for the 14th year in a row, according to data released Wednesday.

The percentage of Florida schools earning an A or B increased to 57 percent from 46 percent, and the number of F schools in the state plummeted from 111 to 43, the Department of Education said. High school grades also take into account graduation rates and the performance of students tests tied to college level work or industry certifications.

In Collier County's 53 schools, 25 earned an "A", and 15 earned a "B".

Clay and Baker counties also maintained their B ratings. Ramona Boulevard Elementary in Duval County went from a "C" to an "F", and William Moseley Elementary in Putnam County went from a "D" to an "F".

All other Northeast Florida schools received passing grades, including three that were the focus of concern over possible closure related to an education bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott that will shift students and funds from struggling schools to charter schools.

92% of elementary schools earned a letter grade of an "A", "B", or "C". Eleven schools received D's and five got F's.

More than 70 schools in the three counties made the state's list of the lowest performing elementary schools, based on English language skills and learning gains.

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Broward County public schools also did well this past school year, as 30 percent of schools received an "A" grade, up from 23 percent the previous year.

That's not happened before in the county, district officials said.

100% of high schools and middle schools graded received a letter grade of an "A", "B", or "C".

Eyewitness News will update this story with school grades and district responses as they become available. Eight school districts improved their district grade from a "B" in 2015-16 to an "A" in 2016-17, and 10 school districts improved their district grade from a "C" in 2015-16 to a "B" in 2016-17. It has become clear to our community that each school's progress can not be represented by a single assigned letter grade.

Despite a district's limited purview over charter schools, district grades are affected by charter school grades.

There is a financial incentive for those schools that do well on the annual report card.