Ryan has faith McConnell can save health bill

Care for old people in nursing homes accounts for 21 percent of Medicaid's budget even though they are just 9 percent of people covered by Medicaid

Susan Collins, who has strongly opposed the legislation.

Many of the Republican senators who met with Trump Tuesday are hesitant to support the new plan, and sought answers from the president. In the Republican version, a last-minute tweak could lock out people who allowed their coverage to lapse, preventing them from buying insurance for at least six months.

Since the day Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled details of the bill last week, both Collins and fellow Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski seemed likely to fight against it.

The Kentucky Senator announced that he would be meeting with Trump to voice his objections to the GOP Senate health care bill Monday morning.

But more moderate Republicans, such as Sen.

Because of Republicans' narrow 52-48 majority in the Senate, the BCRA could only afford to lose two votes among GOP senators, since a 50-50 split would be broken by Vice President Mike Pence. Capito and another moderate, Sen. "I certainly wasn't ready". "I want for as complete a repeal as we can get. and there's a mixture of opinions within the caucus".

She said the bill as now drafted by GOP leaders won't ensure access to affordable health care in West Virginia, doesn't do enough to fight the opioid epidemic, cuts traditional Medicaid too deeply and harms rural health care providers.

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Minutes after the CBO report's release, three GOP senators threatened to oppose beginning debate.

The entire Democratic Party is expected to stand against the bill, which means the Republicans can only lose support of two lawmakers in the Senate. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Sen.

"All GOP senators invited to the White House at 4 pm et to talk health care with Trump", Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram reports. And he wasn't phased by Monday's announcement saying 22 million more Americans would not have coverage in 2026 under the Senate's plan. In a tweet, the Whip said that the vote must be held before premium increases are announced for the next year. It would let states ease Obama's requirements that insurers cover certain specified services like substance abuse treatments, and eliminate taxes on wealthier people and medical companies that Obama's law used to expand coverage.

From North Carolina to Nevada, front pages featured the news that 22 million Americans would lose health insurance by 2026 and that Medicaid would be cut by almost $800 billion under the proposed Obamacare-replacement law.

High-earning Americans would fare much better under the bill, however, because the legislation repeals many of Obamacare's taxes on high-income earners. Estimated average premiums for benchmark plans for single individuals would be about 20 percent higher in 2018 than under current law, about 10 percent higher in 2019 and then drop to about 30 percent lower in 2020.

"Ultimately state policy makers would be left with some very hard choices about having to cut back the number of people covered", Brian Tabor said, with the Indiana Hospital Association, which publicly opposes the plan.