Spicer won't say if Trump believes Russian Federation interfered in election

Press Conference

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that he did not know whether President Donald Trump believes Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election, despite the conclusion of 16 US intelligence agencies that the country did.

Sean Spicer insisted the president wanted a health care bill with "heart", although he admitted he wasn't sure if anyone at the White House had seen a draft of the Republican measure.

"We have been very forceful in our political and economic pressure that has been applied in North Korea", Spicer said. "We have been meeting with potential people that may be of service to this administration, I don't think that should come as any surprise". You know, it just strikes me that [White House press secretary] Sean Spicer, Karen, still can not answer the question as to whether he thinks Russian Federation meddled.

Critics were quick to note that Spicer's admission that he had not spoken to Trump about the topic recently demonstrated how removed White House communications office was from the president.

His public role has already diminished in recent weeks.

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"Your whole job is speaking for the administration!" the host exclaimed.

President Donald Trump's spokesman said he hasn't asked his boss whether he believes the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election, the consensus view of the USA intelligence community. Also, the White House has started releasing its own transcripts of the press briefings and Q&A sessions, since reporters aren't allowed to record anything anymore. "I don't even know where we are in terms of a final plan". The move of having off-camera, recording-prohibited briefings miffed many members of the media, including CNN's Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

Trump was apparently none too pleased earlier this year when Spicer was portrayed on "Saturday Night Live" by Melissa McCarthy, a sketch so successful it was stretched across the show's entire season.

"I'm right here", he told reporters Tuesday, The Hill reported. Many believed Bannon's comment was a joke, especially considering that he did not respond to a follow up comment from Gray.