Battlefield 1 Goes Free For EA And Origin Access

Battlefield 1 Goes Free For EA And Origin Access

Battlefield 1 originally released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC back in October past year to a critical acclaim.

In addition to Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, the EA Access Vault recently welcomed Federation Internationale de Football Association 17, Dragon Age: Origins as well as all four Star Wars Battlefront expansions. It's an announcement that many probably saw coming, but it's a big addition to the services nonetheless.

Battlefield 1, one of the biggest blockbuster games released on the Xbox One this year, is now available to play for EA Access subscribers (via Neowin).

Battlefield 1 was one of the top-selling shooters of 2016 and earned a strong 87 Metacritic review score aggregate thanks in large part to the rarely used World War I setting.

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Towards the beginning of July, EA outlined their plans for EA and Origin Access.

For those interested, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass can be obtained for $49.99. Currently, EA Access claims to bolster over 45 games whereas Origin Access has over 75 and counting. Meanwhile, Origin Access has classic titles dating back to the 90s, like Wing Commander. It's a pretty good deal - you get early access to new EA games and the Vault has loads of great games to download and play. Other DICE games also aren't strangers to this either, with Star Wars Battlefront and both Mirrors Edge games also on the service. You can also try new EA games before they're released with exclusive trials and enjoy a 10% member discount on EA digital purchases on Xbox One for full games, season passes, DLC, and Ultimate Team content.

Neither EA Access nor Origin Access is available on the PlayStation 4.