Apple to make iPhone 8 screen bigger than iPhone 7

The design of the iPhone 8 – amongst other details – was unearthed in the Home Pod code

The main different between the two phones would be display and battery size. However, previous leaks have shown an iPhone 8 with this coloring. Danny does a great job at looking at some of the finer details you don't get to see very well in a lot of these still images we have seen over the past few weeks. It contains numerous features rumors have claimed are coming. It also has the glass back that rumors say will come on the device. This includes the vertical dual camera on the back, no physical Home button, and a larger power button. These will be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

This design looks identical to the dummy units we've been seeing leak out all over the web, so we're fairly confident this is all legitimate. Tim Cook has mentioned AR quite a bit recently and there's even an ARKit in iOS 11.

Winget released a similar video earlier this week, offering a glimpse at other "iPhone 8" mockups as well as the LCD-based "iPhone 7s" and "7s Plus". Also, I am curious about the potential size increase of the iPhone Plus model. Apple has never put out an iPhone with a copper color. The Copper Gold smartphone shown has white bezels on the side.

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UI designers start to have fun with the iPhone 8 notch and bunny ears screen layout. However, even if this information is solid, it's possible (although incredibly unlikely) that the numbers don't represent the final iPhone design.

Troughton-Smith has unearthed evidence that the virtual Home key may be re-sizeable and that the Function Area is arranged around it. Will there be a small, soft-touch button at the bottom of the display like in Android devices or will be see some other solution?