Deathmatch coming to Overwatch, along with a new map

Overwatch is adding Deathmatch modes

In these modes, there are no objectives to capture and no payloads to push.

Overwatch's Deathmatch game modes will go live on the PTR today, August 10, and will enter onto the live servers at a later date.

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's game director and most recognisable face, posted a Developer Update video about the new modes this morning. Ultimates will operate a little differently with this mode such as Mercy's resurrection ability will actually take kills away from the other team.

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So, where will you be playing these new modes? While quirky limited time elements such as the Summer Games Event manage to make the title stand apart from its competitors, having standard Deathmatch modes as well will allow it to cater to an even broader audience, which will surely lead to even more success in the future. Both of the new modes are joining the Public Test Realm later today, August 10, and will be almost identical to the Deathmatch modes you may have experienced in other first-person shooters. Some of the Hybrid, Assault and Escort Overwatch maps have been modified for the purposes of Deathmatch, and there'll be a new purpose-made map for free-for-all too.

Alongside the modes, Blizzard is also releasing a new map that's built for deathmatch. Being in the top half of the FFA mode will credit the player with a win which will count toward getting loot boxes in Arcade Mode. Additionally, story elements for the character will be sprinkled throughout the map similar to Winston and the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

Although it was initially not an idea the development team wanted to entertain, Kaplan explained the Arcade has given the dev team ways to implement new game modes separate from the default quick play mode.