Facebook Introduces Its Answer to YouTube, TV

Facebook is Now Officially Ready to Challenge You Tube Services

Just previous year, the social media giant launched a dedicated video platform. Watch is also personalised, and offers Facebook users the ability to discover new shows that are relevant to them based on what they like to watch and what their friends are watching as well.

In effort to compete with YouTube, Facebook is rolling out a new platform on which users can watch, share and follow their favorite shows.

Users will receive personalized recommendations of recorded and live shows, and there are several categories to choose from, including "What's Making People Laugh", "Most Talked About", and "Shows Your Friends Are Watching". But, people also want a dedicated place to watch the videos they love.

According to Facebook, "Our goal is for Watch to be a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work".

Initially, Watch will be available to a limited group of Facebook users in the United States and more widely to US users in the coming weeks, Facebook, said.

Watch will available to select users initially in USA and will be rolled out to all (only in US) in coming few weeks. While watching shows, users can comment and react, as well as connect with friends or other viewers. The page will also inform the users about the show and what is it all about.

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The launch shows include blogger Nusseir Yassin's "Nas Daily", which includes videos together with his fans from around the world, and another hosted by author and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein.

Business Insider reports that Watch is scheduled to roll out August 28 but only to a small number of people at first. And given that Facebook is closing in on almost two billion monthly users, it could provide publishers with a massive viewing audience.

Getting people to see Facebook as a video service is like Walmart trying to sell high fashion, or McDonald's peddling high-end food, said Joel Espelien, senior analyst with The Diffusion Group, a video research firm.

With Watch though, people can find their favourite shows in episodes and watch them within their Facebook app.

But Espelien wonders whether Facebook users will tap (or click) the Watch tab when with another tap of the finger they can "click over to Hulu or Netflix or whatever".