Hundred-Year-Old Antarctic Fruitcake Found in 'Excellent Condition'

100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica and it’s still edible

His team of five eventually reached the geographic South Pole on January 17, 1912, only to find that a Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen beat them by 34 days. "The cake itself looked and smelled (almost) edible" and was in "excellent condition", the researchers claimed.

The cake is believed to have an interesting story behind it as it is thought to have been brought to the region by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

Fruitcake has not lost "face" and looked like he just took down the British confectionery company Huntley & Palmers. Researchers began investigating the building in 2015.

"With just two weeks to go on the conservation of the Cape Adare artefacts, finding such a perfectly preserved fruitcake in amongst the last handful of unidentified and severely corroded tins was quite a surprise", program manager for artifacts, Lizzie Meek, said in a statement.

The well-preserved cake was still wrapped in the paper it was packed in all those years ago, and what was left of its storage tin. "There is no doubt the extreme cold in Antarctica has assisted its preservation", Meeks said. "It [the fruitcake] is an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions, and is still a favourite item on modern trips to the ice", she said.

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"Deacidification of the tin label and some physical fix to the torn paper wrapper and tin label was also carried out", the Trust said.

Conservationists working at the Antarctic Heritage Trust have discovered a 106-year-old fruitcake in an old hut at Cape Adre.

The cake was found on a shelf in the hut, SBS, an Australian media outlet, reported.

This very old fruitcake also smells nearly edible.