ABS ties knot on same-sex marriage

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"I'm always travelling but wherever I stay, people love Aussies and they generally say they think we're kind, fun and amusing, tall, tanned and toned. and a little bit racist and a little bit homophobic".

Unlike a compulsory vote such as the Federal election, bureaucracy surrounding the postal vote could force thousands of Australians out of voting.

Mr Smith also rebuked former prime minister Tony Abbott, who on Wednesday said people should vote "no" if they were "sick of political correctness".

"We will argue that the government can not validly undertake a postal vote and also that it can not fund the exercise without parliamentary approval".

While other countries have decided on same-sex marriage in the courts or in parliament, lawmakers in Australia have spent months bickering about mechanisms.

With the announcement this week of the postal vote on the gay marriage issue, Mrs Court has again written to the newspaper.

'I am planning on doing everything in my power to get my say in this plebiscite, ' Lucinda Bayly told AAP.

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The conservative Liberal Party-led coalition was narrowly re-elected in July 2016 with a promise to let voters decide whether Australia should recognize same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

'I took myself off the electoral role late last year as I don't think I'll be returning within six years but now I want to re-enrol purely so I can vote in the plebiscite, ' said Jared Verbakel, 35. Ms. Gerber said she believed it showed how "out of step" the government was with the wishes of the Australian people, "because the public overwhelmingly in opinion polls support marriage equality".

Mr Turnbull has given the green light to an informal "postal vote" of Australians on whether to allow same-sex couples to marry, which will be advisory and non-binding in nature.

Marriage equality advocates have vowed to challenge the postal vote in court, saying the government might be exceeding its executive authority, casting doubt on whether the ballot would go ahead.

Some lawmakers argue the issue could be resolved with a simple vote in Parliament, but Turnbull's government seeks to gauge public support first.

But I honestly think it's a pointless exercise. Ballot papers will begin arriving in letter boxes in for every Australian on the electoral role by September 12, and a final result would be secured by November 15.

"That's ridiculous - it's a waste of money and all it's going to do is make people really upset and it's just going to incite vitriol".