New Fidget Spinner Safety Guidelines Prove We Can't Have Nice Things

Fidget Spinners Might Be Really Dangerous For Children

A USA government agency has issued a safety warning over fidget spinners, after multiple reports of the toys catching fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued safety tips for people who have purchased or plan to purchase those rotating toys known as fidget-spinners.

Reports of these incidents resulted in the Safety Commission starting an investigation, and while the toys aren't facing any sort of recall action, the CPSC does advise that users or their parents should be present in the room at all times when a fidget spinner is charging. That's a consumer product warning so typical that it's nearly meaningless.

It noted that youth as old as 14 years have experienced choking incidents, and recommended that children under three not be given any access to the toys. There are many different kinds of fidget spinners available in stores and online.

The fires involved Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinners that connect to a smartphone and play music while they spin, but need to be charged. The CPSC reasonably recommends not putting fidget spinners in your mouth.

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As for battery-operated fidget spinners, the CPSC says it is important to use the charging cable that either comes with the fidget spinner or one that has the correct connections for the device as charging cables are not interchangeable.

Because fidget spinners are considered a general-use product for all ages (including adults), they don't have to meet the same standards that children's toys are subjected to.

CPSC advised that fidget spinners shouldn't be left unattended while charging, and should never be plugged in overnight.

Some fidget spinners also have batteries in them to operate little lights, so if you have one of those, go make sure your smoke detectors are in working order right this minute!