Hoping to see the Perseids tonight?

Keep checking back here for the latest satellite imagery

Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar are the best places to watch the shower because of the low rate of light pollution and clear sky-view without any urban light pollution.

The weather will be cooperating pretty nicely if you want to see some shooting stars Saturday night into Sunday morning!

Perseids are bits of the comet Swift-Tuttle and often create the most unbelievable meteor shower of the year.

"But the numbers are going to be quite good. But with this bright moon now, visibility will be less spectacular". For more details about the Perseid Meteor Shower, Space.com has some great information right here. The Perseids can be seen from the end of July with one meteor an hour crossing the skies.

"You could see none at all for a few minutes and then two or three". But don't let that stop you from checking out the show as there still should be plenty of brighter meteors to see. The Perseids refer to a regular occurrence of meteorites that appear to come from the Perseus constellation.

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A tip from Mr Scagell is not to look towards the radiant, but to direct your gaze in the opposite direction.

Though skies look dry and clear, you'll be fighting the light of a Waning Gibbous moon.

Because the density of the dust cloud varies, the meteors will not be evenly spaced out.

Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) organised the Persied Meteor Shower event at Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Mushrif Park, Dubai.

The comet orbits the sun every 135 years. None of the particles are big enough to avoid destruction and reach the ground.