We finally know the fate of Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones character

We finally know the fate of Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones character

The Spoils Of War was perhaps the most satisfying episode of Game Of Thrones this season.

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) attempts to turn her enemies into allies on the upcoming episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7. While most signs point to Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen - and Melisandre herself seems to think it's both of them - there's substantial evidence pointing towards Jaime Lannister instead. In the last episode, "The Spoils of War" (which sadly got leaked), Daenerys utterly annihilates the Lannister army as she rained fire from the skies above, perched on the back of her favourite dragon-child Drogon. It's looking all happy and celebratory, but if you know the show, you're probably aware that they are not all that big on happy endings.

Terri Schwartz is Editorial Producer at IGN. "We really wanted to show the horror of what it was to be like to be on the ground during something like that". We imagined something more gruesome or glorious. The next episode titled Eastwatch is one of the most-anticipated ones, especially after the last episode ended on a cliff-hanger with Jaime's fate yet to be decided.

New pictures however from episode five indicate Jon Snow and Daenerys might have a slight disagreement following her strides into battle.

What will happen to Jaime Lannister and Bronn? While it appeared while watching the show that Jaime survived the battle, Cersei may not know that.

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If Drogon treats Jon differently, when Dany's scaly offspring are generally super suspicious of interlopers, she's going to notice it.

Exhausted of Tyrion's (Peter Dinklage) "clever plans" that were losing her allies and the war, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) takes things into her own hands, unleashing the Dothraki and Drogon on the Lannister army.

Next week's Game Of Thrones episode looks like it's going to be a doozy! Considering Sam's recent dive into the Citadel's secret archives unearthed the cure for greyscale and a hidden cache of dragonglass under Dragonstone, we can't wait to see what useful plot device they'll discover next!

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, hinted at their relationship, as well.