Mobile has the fastest Mobile data in the US, Ookla reported


AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon on Friday announced the creation of the Mobile Authentication Taskforce. Recently, Netflix has partnered with T-Mobile. In addition to its recent efforts to expand its LTE footprint in the 700 MHz spectrum space, T-Mobile is also rapidly deploying a 600 MHz LTE network using almost $8 billion in low-band spectrum the company purchased from the Federal Communications Commission earlier this year. This report shows the actual speed that you are getting every single day from the carrier that you have chosen for your smartphones to use Mobile Data. T-Mobile narrowly beat Verizon on the speed score, 23.5Mbps to 23.21.

Sprint's Speed Score of 15.39 put it in fourth place, although the company has made "significant improvements" since a year ago and is well-positioned for further gains, the report noted. Amongst all these four carriers, T-Mobile wins the race of highest mobile data speed. The data involved 26 million unique broadband users, performing over 111 million tests across Ookla's service, while about 3 million unique devices were used in the mobile space, to generate 14 million tests, generating a comprehensive look at how each service performed both nationwide and over time. According to Ookla that speed is fast enough to stream HD video while another person on the same connection can sufficiently access the internet.

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In general, the overall speeds in the USA have improved by 19.2% as compared to the first half of 2016. During that period, nearly 3 million unique mobile devices performed over 14 million speed tests.

However, the United States still only ranks 44th in the world for download speed, right behind Fiji and Germany, and just ahead of Oman. With an average national download speed of 64.17 Mbps on fixed networks, the US ranks 15th globally, behind the Netherlands and just ahead of Spain.