EasyJet to provide feeder traffic to long-haul carriers at Gatwick

A Norwegian passenger jet

"You can book flights with our partner airlines and add your connecting easyJet flights via London Gatwick in a single booking".

"Almost 200k easyJet passengers a year already self-connect their easyJet flights through Gatwick Airport - and that doesn't include those connecting between easyJet and long haul flights".

"By opening this new market segment this now means that easyJet can access a greater range of passengers flying across Europe".

Guy Stephenson, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport, said: "GatwickConnects lets passengers seamlessly self-connect between different airlines at Gatwick at the touch of the button. easyJet is our biggest airline and by partnering with GatwickConnects, easyJet passengers can easily and quickly self-connect with other flights in Gatwick's diverse network of flights including our 60 long haul routes".

Around 200,000 passengers a year connect from one easyJet flight to another at Gatwick, but they have previously needed to book each flight separately and transfer their own luggage.

Worldwide by easyJet will also allow easyJet passengers to connect with other easyJet flights through Gatwick Airport. Should a passenger miss a connecting flight they will be transferred to the next available flight.

EasyJet insisted the scheme will not impact on its punctuality or operating model.

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Worldwide by easyJet is subject to a two hour 30 minute minimum connection time, which will give customers plenty of time to transfer between flights and/or terminals.

easyJet is also starting to sell stand-alone tickets on behalf of partner airlines alongside the connectivity product on easyJet.com.

This will give smaller airlines access to a larger market as around 360 million visits were made to easyJet's website in the past 12 months.

In January, Ryanair said it hoped to start offering connections to long-haul flights from Norwegian and Aer Lingus from May, but later said that would more likely be from September.

"Around 70m passengers flying through an easyJet airport each year are connecting on to other flights, mainly long haul, and it is this market segment that Worldwide by easyJet will open up for us", she said.

Peter Duffy, chief commercial officer at EasyJet, said around 70m passengers that fly though an EasyJet airport each year are connecting on to other flights, mainly long haul, and nearly 200,000 EasyJet passengers a year already self-connect their EasyJet flights through Gatwick Airport.

Peter Duffy, chief commercial officer at easyJet, said 70 million passengers now begin journeys at easyJet airports, and make a stop before travelling across continents, and that easyJet wanted a slice of that market.