Kairi Sane defeats Shayna Baszler to win Mae Young Classic


All nine episodes of the Mae Young Classic are now available to stream on the WWE Network.

Sane was announced as getting the title shot by Triple H in an interview with ESPN after winning the Mae Young Classic.

Sane defeated Shayna Baszler in a long, hard-fought match that followed SmackDown tonight.

The tournament tapings began back in July, but was initially aired on 28th August. In each match, the 5-foot-1 Pirate Princess endured serious headwinds before besting her competition, and she polished off all her opponents the same way, via her must-see, one-of-a-kind Diving Elbow Drop.

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With her big win, Kairi Sane has now earned the right to challenge for the vacant NXT Women's Championship. The final was held in Las Vegas, between Sane and Baszler, both of them were part of Japanese promotion Stardom, before coming to WWE. Sportskeeda is reporting that the victor was changed at the last minute by Vince McMahon because Sane has already been signed to a WWE deal, but Baszler has not.

"I've been in the combat sport long enough to know that the friends that stick by you in your losses are the real ones, everybody wants to stand by you at the top of the hill", said Baszler. Asuka vacated the title on last week's NXT due to her injury and move to Raw.

While Sane's inspirational journey through the bracket captured the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe, Baszler's path to the Finale struck a much different tone.