Rees-Mogg a Joke or a new Leader?

Rees-Mogg a Joke or a new Leader?

One of the most active, and scandalous representatives of Conservatives Party, Jacob Rees-Mogg appears in the news again and raises his chances for becoming the new leader of Tory.

Each time he makes a statement, betting companies increase the bets. Now he has the equal chances with Philip Hammond. So, go to the UK politics betting - place your political bets right now .

Recently, the most popular British show Have I Got News For You, which specializes on interviews with politics became responsible for creating a new star. And yes, it is the same show that made Boris Johnson barely known to few hundred people, a person of national interest. He was a journalist back then with huge ambitious. He was really funny and a fresh face in the group of old politicians. 

And while his character is still very bright and attractive enough to become May’s most dangerous competitor, there is a new face in town.

Jacob Rees-Mogg quickly turned from the Oxford graduate and upper-class bohemian to the prime bidder on May’s place in the Party. He jumped higher than Johnson could even imagine, and became a serious threat to other pretenders like Davis or Hammond, and of course, ex London’s Mayor himself.

During his late visit to the show, he was hosted by Victoria Coren, who could not admit his attractiveness. 

For Rees-Mogg it is not the first popular show which helped him to raise the popularity. He took part in Ali G show as well. And the audience loves him for his vague words, expensive suits and his ambitious. 

He is ready to challenge Theresa May, and lead the unofficial game for becoming next leader of Tory.

Some journalists call him English Donald Trump. And here is why – he constantly reminds everyone of his anti-homosexual and anti-abortion views, even if a woman got pregnant after being raped. Conservative thinking in its very hard right determination is making his person attractive for the UK conservative fans. And while some politicians believe that he is just a joke and there are no chances for him in this progressive society to become new Theresa May, his popularity is growing.

Bettors give him a credit. Despite all the critics around him, Rees-Mogg is making big steps in the race using all the scandals around him as extra scores. And let’s remember that Donald Trump, who was the least likable candidate in the USA Presidents, got to the top and now is very close to the new nuclear button, even closer than his predecessors.

He is at the second place now at the betting offices, conceding to Davis. However, David can win this battle only if the Brexit divorce will be not as smooth, and he will have to take care of all the mass around it. Of course, it will bring more opportunities to Hammond and Rees-Mogg.

This will lead us to the next stage when, theoretically, Rees-Mogg will meet Corbyn, two very eccentric men. A few years ago no one even could imagine it, and now, with each new year, the perspective becomes more possible. Both are extremely dedicated to their parties, both don’t show indulgence. For now, it is only one of numerous scenarios for our future.


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