Over a quarter of a million still without power in Georgia

FPL offers little specifics about when power will return

Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) denied that it will reimburse Florida residents for food spoiled as result of power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. Crews are still working to restore power for the remaining 28 percent of customers impacted by the storm.

Georgia Power and Georgia Electric Membership Corp. reported Saturday morning about 26,000 Georgia customers were still without power because of Tropical Storm Irma.

"The destruction from Hurricane Irma was unprecedented across Georgia, and throughout the Southeast, and I'm extremely proud of and thankful for the work and dedication of our teams to restore service to almost all impacted customers ahead of schedule", said Paul Bowers, chairman, president and CEO of Georgia Power.

The unprecedented outages - knocking out power to more than half of Florida's homes and businesses - also unleashed a cascade effect across the region. She says while many in any neighborhood may have power restored, there will still be some forced to wait an extra day if they're on different lines, their overhead wires have more damage or if they are on the end of their neighborhood's circuit.

The deaths at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, now under police and state investigation, stirred outrage over what many saw as a preventable tragedy and heightened concerns about the vulnerability of the state's large elderly population amid widespread, lingering power outages.

"We don't know where that's coming from", Kraft said. At the same time, they're working to restore power to supermarkets and pharmacies.

The unfortunate reality, he said, is that someone has got to be the last customer to get power.

FPL issues a power update for Wednesday Sept. 13 2017
FPL issues a power update for Wednesday Sept. 13 2017

One new outage, affecting six Bulloch customers, was shown on Excelsior's map at 6:15 p.m. Friday, with a crew assigned to fix it.

"Power lines are down, gas and cell phone service is unavailable".

"The level of total miscommunication is unbelievable", said Roberta Adamovich, an Ocean Ridge resident without power who reported a downed power pole near her house.

"We know that our customers want their lives to get back to normal - and electricity is a key part of that", said Gordon Gillette, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tampa Electric.

A truck delivering fuel passes a U.S. flag on a highway USA 1 following Hurricane Irma in Islamorada, Florida, U.S., September 15, 2017.

While acknowledging the public's frustration, utility officials said they are getting power back on faster than they did after Hurricane Wilma hit the state 12 years ago.

Florida Power and Light said it has mobilized the largest workforce it has ever assembled to get power restored to its Florida: 21,500. They expect to restore power to essentially all customers by Sunday night, though they concede customers with more complex damage may take longer to restore.

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