House-sized asteroid 2012 TC4 reaches closest to Earth

The 2012 TC4 asteroid has only been observed once

A massive #asteroid will pass near #Earth on #Thursday, according to The Guardian.

Although it travelled out of the range of asteroid-tracking telescopes shortly after it was discovered, it had been predicted that it would return to view in late 2017.

A small asteroid by the name of 2012 TC4 will pass by the earth on Thursday just 42,000kms above the Antarctic continent.

Sources then stated that the teams on Thursday will pretend the asteroid, named 2012 TC4, is bound for Earth and will undergo a type of disaster planning in order to coordinate what emergency services would be needed. It spins once every 12.2 minutes, Sputnik International reported.

In one way or another, asteroids have always been a threat to the human beings, sometimes, they kissed the tip of the earth, sometimes, scientists managed to get rid of them by shattering them into tiny pieces. The asteroid will give a very good opportunity to test the global asteroid impact early-warning system, which is supported by NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

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An asteroid the size of a house is on course to shave the Earth's orbit this week, but experts said the near-miss poses no risk for the planet. The distance is about one-eighth the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

NASA hopes to use an worldwide network of observatories to track 2012 TC4 - which could still pass as close as 6,700km or as far away as 273,000km. This asteroid was discovered by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) in Hawaii in 2012.

"We know today that it will also not hit the Earth in the year 2050, but the close flyby in 2050 might deflect the asteroid such that it could hit the Earth in the year 2079", said Rüdiger Jehn of the European Space Agency's Near-Earth Object programme in the Netherlands.

It is expected to swing around again in 2050 and 2079 as it continually loops the Sun.