Super Mario Odyssey trailer is a Broadway musical

Super Mario Odyssey trailer is a Broadway musical

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27 for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario is certainly humanoid, but is he human?

Later this month, Super Mario Odyssey is taking everyone's favorite (former) plumber further than ever before on the Nintendo Switch, sending our hero to a vast array of new worlds, including a semi-realistic urban realm known as New Donk City.

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Nintendo has spread out its first-party releases and bolstered its catalogue with a cavalcade of lively indie titles.

Oh, and Nintendo transformed Super Mario Odyssey into a musical for the game's latest trailer. It also revealed an assist mode for younger gamers which is great news for families. Those who have stayed up-to-date with the news regarding the game may already know about these features, but there are other features, like the Assist mode, and the new co-op features that have only been shown just now. The trailer really does showcase why many believe this is one of the top games well worth buying a Switch for.

But also it's impossible to watch without falling into the existential question of what Mario is. This trailer demonstrates several of Mario's new abilities through his magic hat, Cappy. Mario throws Cappy at an enemy therefore capturing it and assuming control over it, whether it is an ally, an enemy, or even an inanimate object. Players can purchase new outfits and caps for Mario by spending regional coins.