Why Are the Sites Not Working — Facebook & Instagram Down

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It wasn't just you who noticed that your Facebook page and Instagram pages weren't loading today.

Facebook and Instagram experienced a global outage on Wednesday.

The outage started around 8:20 a.m. ET, according to DownDetector.com, a site that monitors service disruptions.

The outages impacted users not only in the USA but Greece, the UK, Poland and other European countries.

GearBrain staff encountered problems too, with Instagram failing to load in the United Kingdom and Facebook showing nothing but a white screen when accessed in the US.

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Reports from users on Twitter and websites like DownDetector and Outage Report suggest that connection issues began around 5pm SAST.

"We're working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible", a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters.

Facebook is down for thousands of users Wednesday.

Facebook and Instagram have yet to issue a statement. A company that links to Facebook's back-end in order to let companies post to social media, SocialFLow, said there was a problem in a tweet before noon.

As a reaction to (probably) missing Facebook, people took to Twitter to complain about the absence of access to two other social media networks.