CS:GO De Dust 2 Map Updated to Be More "Refined"

Walkthrough of the New Dust2 Map on CS:GO – Plus Update Notes on Audio Changes     
          by Harrison Beard

Valve hasn't detailed what the changes it's made are, though considering the map's impact on Counter Strike and gaming's history, you would hope that at most it updated the visuals and fixed any bugs. The revamped playground has been dubbed Dust II, and looks to capture the essence of the original while 'buffing away the jagged edges'.

One of the most iconic multiplayer maps in gaming is undergoing some changes.

What do you want to see in the Dust2 update?

"We set out to refine it further rather than performing a wholesale redesign", the company said.

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All of these changes and more sound pretty welcome, except for one. The map is lighter and brighter throughout, and Valve has removed a series of dark spots where players could camp.

"Experienced players will now not have to worry about whether they're going to get hung up and newbs won't wonder if they're going to get burned", Valve explained. Until then, players can enjoy the current version of Dust 2. The Leet Krew terrorists have been overhauled to match the map's visual upgrade.

On the post revealing the changes there's some cool sliders you can use to compare images of the old map to the new version.

The iconic map has been part of the competitive Counter-Strike scene for over 16 years since it first released in March 2001 as a free addition to Counter-Strike 1.1.