Ramesh Ponnuru: Trump's Obamacare cure is worse than the disease

Evan Vucci  AP

"I'll also be signing something, probably this week, which is going to go a long way to take care of numerous people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare", Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

If one denies the legality of the above, take time to read the U.S. Constitution and witness the brilliance of the writers of this great document and how we are protected from rule by one person.

The problem is that executive orders aren't laws, and by constitutional definition, the President can't create and pass his own laws.

If he takes this action, Trump will be following in Barack Obama's footsteps. "After tax reform, Republicans could adopt another budget resolution next year that provides reconciliation instructions to repeal and ultimately replace Obamacare".

"Ha! Not even close", Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler wrote in an email yesterday, after I'd asked whether the executive order eases pressure on Republicans in the House and Senate.

"It unwinds the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance under the ACA", Garthwaite said.

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"We will have to do something with Obamacare because it's failing", he said, gesturing to his 94-year-old guest. "Henry Kissinger does not want to pay a 116% increase in his premiums, but that's what's happening", Trump said.

The expected order would allow small businesses and individuals to band together as associations to buy health insurance plans that would be exempt from some Obamacare requirements.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would sign a measure, likely this week, to allow people in the United States to buy healthcare across state lines. Kulhman also added that he believes that fears about association plans undermining the Obamacare marketplace are "overblown".

Experts questioned Trump's authority to issue such an order that would exempt some plans but not others from Obamacare rules rather than pursuing the changes through legislation. Also, these plans have a long history of financial troubles, with some becoming insolvent.

Both changes stand to funnel healthier people out of the Obamacare exchanges and into cheaper and more barebones plans.

Critics are anxious those health plans would not be regulated by the same rules as Obamacare plans, such as the law that people with pre-existing conditions are protected.