Razer may announce a phone on November 1

Razer Phone by bit

Razer, a company known for its gaming products and accessories, is definitely a household name in the gaming industry.

Since Razer purchased Nextbit, rumours started swirling across the internet that Razer may be developing some sort of mobile gaming device. But no one knows about technical details of device.

On company's page, wait for November 1, and re's a photograph of someone with a smartphone in hand.

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As far as features go, we will probably be expecting front firing speakers at the very least, along with longer than usual battery life and Razer's own gaming services pre-installed onto the device. How do you think the company lights up the phone, though? Also, it is appreciable how Razer has managed to prevent the smartphone from appearing in leaks.

Razer has become a very popular brand in gaming world with hardware and computers it produces. The report had also stated that the company was raising funds for the smartphone. That all lined up with Nextbit, the folks who put together the Robin smartphone, joining the Razer team back in January.

The tweet from the official Razer handle shows a user gaming or viewing content on a device with the word "Watch" mentioned in the image. Notably, Razer had earlier launched the Razer Edge tablet for gamers.