Reasons Why filming stops for a devastating reason

Reasons Why filming stops for a devastating reason

Netflix has shut down production on the second season of 13 Reasons Why due to the raging wildfires that are now devastating the Northern California area (via The Hollywood Reporter). As of now, the smoke in the area can thicken throughout the day depending on the wind conditions, but the fires have not reached the actual shooting locations. The breakout drama, from Paramount TV, films in Vallejo in the Northern California area that has been ravaged by wildfires.

While firefighters have now surrounded half of the fire, with full containment expected this weekend, the production will remain on hiatus through Thursday, per Deadline.

According to Deadline, filming has been put on hiatus today with the hope the normal schedule will resume on Sunday 15th October once the fires are contained.

Per the outlet, those in the cast and crew that have opted to leave have been flown home as many of them have homes in the areas of the fire.

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Netflix's "13 REASONS WHY" is halting production. "Sending love and thoughts to everyone involved".

Cast member Devin Druid, who portrays Tyler Down in the massively popular drama series, also addressed the situation through social media. "My heart goes out to all affected by these bad fires".

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is slated to have 13 episodes, arriving on Netflix in 2018.