Linkin Park releases Carpool Karaoke with late Chester Bennington

Ken Jeong hosted Carpool Karaoke with Linkin Park band members a week before Chester Bennington's death

The episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series featuring Linkin Park that was filmed less than a week before Chester Bennington's death has been released online.

The band released the twenty minute video last night on their Facebook page. The footage was captured on July 14, just six days before the singer's death. But far from being a joyful moment from the rock singer, it just marks the flawless example of how you can never tell what depression looks like.

It opens with Jeong joking that he dreamed about joining the band, and changing the name to Linken Park. It features the band driving around with comedian Ken Jeong as they rock out to hits from Linkin Park and other bands, per Variety, with Bennington giving Jeong a lesson on his trademark "scringing" (a combination of screaming and singing). Eventually the lead singer rolled the window down and sang to unsuspecting passersby. Jeong takes the lesson to heart and successfully scream-sings.

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It is a bittersweet video with Chester saying "this is probably the greatest day of my life". "You are the best", Bennington said.

The clip is preceded by a note that advises viewers, "With the blessing of Chester's family and his bandmates, we share this episode, and dedicate it to the memory of Chester".