No Question of Corruption in Jay's Company: Amit Shah

Dattatreya Hosabale and Manmohan Vaidya in Bhopal on Thursday

Hitting out at the Congress, Shah said there had been many allegations of corruption against that party, but noted that it hadn't filed a similar lawsuit. "All the payments were made through cheque; there is no question of money laundering". This company is completely in commodity business, where turnover is more while the profit is less. We have exported bajra, corn and rice while coriander was imported. "If a company's turnover becomes Rs 1 crore, its profit does not become Rs 1 crore.It is unfair to say there was an over 16,000 times jump in profit.say what the turnover was.It makes it seem like the turnover was huge but it wasn't".

The BJP government in the state is the best financially managed government and had brought down the financial liability from Rs 4,000-crore created by the previous Congress regime to Rs 2,500 crore, he said and asked the Congress not to worry about special packages so early. "There is no question of money laundering".

He said: "We believe in legitimate and honest transactions".

"The question of corruption does not arise in Jay's company", Amit Shah said during a programme organised by a news channel.

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Jay Shah has also slapped a 100-crore defamation case on the website over aspersions of corruption. Why did they not gather the courage to file such cases. The Congress also sought a probe into the "sudden spurt" into the turnover of a company belonging to Jay Shah by a two-member commission of Supreme Court judges, questioned the timing of the closure of Jay Shah's company weeks before demonetisation and the move by Mehta, who made a decision to represent Jay Shah. "Those who have the evidence can submit it to the court, and then the court will decide", the BJP President said. His company has not done any dealings with the government, has not taken any land...

"As far as the company (of Jay Shah) is concerned, it has not done business worth a rupee with the government".

He said the firm had not taken unsecured loans, but a line of credit.