'We're saying Merry Christmas again'

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

President Trump erroneously told attendees of the 2017 Value Voters summit that "we are getting near that attractive Christmas season" before galloping into a full war-on-Christmas rant Friday, which happens to also be October 13.

'Well. guess what? We're saying Merry Christmas again, ' Trump said.

President Donald Trump on Friday pledged to an adoring crowd of evangelicals his commitment to religious liberty, as he declared that his administration was "substantially ahead of schedule" in delivering on campaign promises. He adds his hope that Congress will give the American people a Christmas gift by passing his tax cut proposal.

'In America, we don't worship government, we worship God, ' Trump said.

The president also said he was "stopping cold" attacks on Judeo-Christian values.

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Heated debates over the "War On Christmas" have raged for years, with many on the right complaining that political correctness has made it less acceptable to say Merry Christmas.

The FRC announced Tuesday that Trump was going to address the VVS, the billionaire real estate mogul being the first sitting president to do so in its history. Marco Rubio, then a 2016 presidential candidate, a "clown".

Trump spoke about the importance of religious liberty and said that's why he signed an executive order last week stating that no religious group would be targeted under any administration.

Trump, facing difficultly in getting Congress to work with him on a host of issues, has focused more on his political base lately, catering to the conservative voters who vaulted him from reality TV star to President.

Friday marks the second time that Trump has addressed the VVS, doing so for the first time a year ago as the Republican nominee for president.