How to Use Clips 2.0 and iPhone X for Cool Selfie Videos

Apple Clips 2.0 “Selfie Scenes” tap iPhone X and Star Wars

It's unfortunately exclusive to the iPhone X, and one look at the feature in action confirms why - it uses the X's TrueDepth camera to isolate your face, paint over it with some sweet artsy filters and replace your current background with something more scenic.

It matches your image to fit the background, adding effects to make you appear as a blue hologram or a glamorous jet-setter.

Apple just announced its biggest update yet since it first released the social video app in April. You can shoot short video clips and stitch them together into a longer story, adding effects like stickers and layover text. Currently, there are 10 Apple-designed scenes, featuring unique locations, characters, colours and visual styles plus two scenes from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi".

There are new artistic effects too, that uses advanced machine learning and style transfer technology to turn any photo or video into a moody oil painting, vibrant watercolour or elegant pencil sketch - in real time while recording.

Clips 2.0 also features a host of new Disney content like full-screen posters with Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Star Wars stickers with Luke Skywalker and others.

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You can then add artistic filters, speech bubbles, shapes or emoji. Thanks to lots of user feedback and the proliferation of new, more powerful iOS devices, Clips is now more polished than ever, and that's very good news for people looking to craft their next viral video masterpiece.

Apple's Clips apps is an awesome editor that lets users easily splice together images, and add visual effects, titles and a music soundtrack to videos.

Apple has redesigned the Clips interface, angling to give it a more streamlined feel, with frequently used controls more easily accessible. With full-screen browsers, the user gets to see more of their content when viewing their photo library or selecting animated posters. User can tap on the Labeled buttons to edit Live Titles, add or change filters, trim, mute and delete clips.

Apple also added iCloud support to make it easier for people to move between devices while they edit videos.

And Clips adds support for Shared iPad, so students can create incredible videos in both one-to-one and Shared iPad environments.