Star Wars Battlefront 2 unlocks debate brings rage and death threats


It remains to be seen how EA will attempt to respond to this clear message from fans, but they certainly have an uphill struggle as Star Wars Battlefront II launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this Friday November 17. Players will have to unlock them and according to reports, they will need 60K credits in order to unlock one Hero.

Earlier today we reported on the tweet from an EA Community Manager calling fans "arm chair developers". They have discovered that it can take almost 40 hours to unlock a single hero, such as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, in the game. Again, that's 40 hours of grinding to enjoy a feature that should come standard in a full-price Star Wars game. The second game has a single-player campaign, but the multiplayer experience is what most people are interested in. Probably not. With a franchise like Star Wars and the legacy of this gaming series, the complaints of core players are likely to be harder to hear over the mass market audience that's buying the game this holiday season.

The previous "Battlefront" game had no such system.

In "Battlefront 2", you buy the game for $60 and are offered the option of buying "loot crates".

EA then explained that the cost of the characters was derived from the data they obtained from the Open Beta.

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All heroes can be played in the games offline Arcade Mode and certain heroes will unlock automatically - but to have access to more than half the roster of Star Wars heroes and villains, players must spend in-game credits, which are unlocked by playing the game. So gamers earn 25.04 credits per Galactic assault match on average. Heroes are purchased with points, and you can get more points by paying money. However, Star Wars: Battlefront II is being blasted by the community since the weekend for its blatant pay-to-win model and this is exactly what has been toned down from the review copies.

Essentially, "When and how is it okay to handle charging players money in games?"

In the last Battlefront game, you could play as hero characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker simply by finding the hero tokens on the battlefield. Many video game publishers would argue that most players don't have the time to put the hours into a game that are required to unlock bonus characters. The post from the Battlefront II developers has been met with, if possible, even more hate and disdain than the progression problem itself.

In response to the community team's declaration that they want players to feel "pride and accomplishment", one user said: "Wow that is a frightful response". The statement from EA has had a large impact and has earned the post over tens of thousands of downvotes, which is a record on Reddit.