Justice League: Ben Affleck reveals 'sexual tension' between Wonder Woman and Batman

Justice League: Ben Affleck reveals 'sexual tension' between Wonder Woman and Batman

Judging by the 280-character reviews provided on Twitter by the fortunate fans and critics who were lucky enough to catch the early screening of Justice League, the general consensus is that the film not flawless but is still plenty of fun with the banter between the superheroes finding a lot of fans. The answer, however, is more complicated than you might expect.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Whedon's reshoots allowed Affleck to "play the dynamics, the sexual tension with Wonder Woman, the regular old tension with Flash". The thing with that, though, is that Affleck has also faced many setbacks regarding this film.

At the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, Affleck dismissed the speculation over his future, yet the rumours refuse to die, and just this past week he played coy when asked whether he could see himself reaching five appearances as the Caped Crusader (with this week's release of Justice League, he'll be up to three).

I was never completely against the idea of a more traditional Superman down the line, but loved the idea of actually letting the character EARN that outlook on life. Unfortunately, the movie itself was met with a less than warm critical response. "A little insider tidbit, I've been tracking various movies in this world director-wise, specifically Flashpoint, I've heard they've slowed that search down to see how this film does", Kroll said on the radio show.

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Now regarding Man of Steel 2, the article also says it isn't coming any time soon, with Charles Roven offering an update in that there is no script for Man of Steel 2 as of yet, but "various story ideas" are being kicked around.

Even if it's unclear when Justice League Part 2 will come out, it's still likely that it will, eventually be made. Pictures, a Warner Bros.

When Wonder Woman was released earlier this year, it really changed the game in terms of female representation in superhero movies.