Robbers Dig in Tunnel Into Bank, Loot 27 Lockers

Robbers Dig in Tunnel Into Bank, Loot 27 Lockers

In a bank robbery reminiscent of a 90's Bollywood heist film, a group of expert thieves dug a 25-feet tunnel to reach the lockers of a bank in Navi Mumbai and fled with valuables worth crores. The value of the stolen goods is yet to be estimated. The police are yet to find out when exactly the burglary was committed during the weekend. The fifth shop is unoccupied, while the sixth belongs to a security agency.

According to residents of the area, the shop was mostly shut, and whenever they asked, the shopkeeper said he was unwell or that he was looking after a friend who was in hospital after an accident. The first tunnel found had a circumference of about 3 feet and was around 5 feet deep from the shop to ground. Since then, they reportedly dug the tunnel which stretched to 25-feet, to reach the locker room of the Bank of Baroda branch.

"After digging one part of the tunnel, the culprits put plywood on the upper side, which was supported by small bamboo sticks". They dumped the debris near the railway station.

The suspected thieves have been missing since the robbery on Saturday night.

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The police have formed 10 teams and have sent their officers to different places looking for the criminals.

The bank, incidentally, had not installed CCTV cameras in the locker room to protect the customer's privacy. "These accused have used same modus operandi and could be linked to them", Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone I) Dr. Sudhakar Pathare said. "The accused in this case could be linked to them". Other reports said the valuables stolen were worth a lot more. It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list".

The incident was reported when the bank was reopened on Monday where its staff found several lockers in the treasury room was damaged.