Sydney harbour boat to be named Ferry McFerryface following public vote

Ferry Mc Ferryface and Boaty McBoatface

More than 15,000 suggestions were made for the competition to name the six new inner-harbour ferries.

Now, Australia will welcome the newest addition to the viral online trend that has captured the hearts of the world - everyone, welcome Ferry McFerryface to Sydney Harbour. "This one is for the kids".

A publicly-voted competition to find a name for the new vessel resulted in "Boaty McBoatface" being the top choice, but that name was made famous by the Brits, who voted to call a new research boat by that title a year ago. The same name the British chose.

The name "Boaty McBoatface" comes from a public poll the Natural Environment Research Council put to the people of Britain in 2016 to name a $342 million research vessel.

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Ferry McFerryFace was the second most popular choice, with the most votes actually going to the name Boaty McBoatface.

"I thought we named ferries after people who deserve recognition, now this ferry name just makes a mockery of those Australians whose names grace the rest of the fleet", the comment read.

The newly-christened Ferry McFerryface will join three other ferries named in the competition, called Victor Change, Catherine Hamlin and Fred Hollows. Since then, an express train in Sweden was reportedly named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse in Sydney was named Horsey McHorseface past year.

Ferry McFerryface is part of Sydney's new, modern ferry fleet that will carry 400 passengers, have Wi-Fi, and advanced facilities for the disabled.