Trump's 'Not Qualified' Judge Pick Didn't Disclose Marriage to White House Lawyer

Trump judicial nominee did not disclose he's married to White House lawyer

While Gayh tells Bustle he can't say exactly what type of omission Talley's is, he says it illustrates the nearly careless attitude toward ethics that many members of the Trump Administration have shown so far. A Senate questionnaire asked him about elements that might present potential conflicts of interest, including family members. She was interviewed by investigators recently about her detailed notes about conversations with Mr. McGahn on topics including the firing of the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to two people briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation with reporters.

Brett Talley has inched closer to becoming a district judge in his home state of Alabama after receiving the backing of the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC). The vote could come as early as Monday, but it could be derailed by this latest revelation about the 36-year-old lawyer.

"How can you claim to be qualified for a lifetime appointment to supervise federal trials on a daily basis when you have never yourself tried a single case?"
It has emerged that Talley is married to fellow Harvard law grad Ann Donaldson, the chief of staff to White House counsel Donald F McGahn II.

"Talley's nomination shouldn't be considered by the Senate unless he answers questions about this glaring omission and clarifies matters concerning when he would recuse himself". Geyh says Talley's failure to do so, however, seems sloppy.

So what do we know about Talley? "He is more than qualified to serve in the federal judiciary", Sanders said. Donaldson isn't just any White House attorney.

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Talley had a prolific online media presence prior to his nomination; Talley referred to Hillary Clinton as "Hillary Rotten Clinton" on his public Twitter account which has since been made private, and pledged his total support for the National Rifle Association one month after the Sandy Hook school shooting where a gunman killed 20 elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut in 2013.

Of course, that tweet and pro-gun rights blog likely didn't do much to affect Republicans' support for Talley.

The White House has pushed back on the "not qualified" label.

Talley, who now serves in the Justice Department's office of legal policy, has never tried a case and has only practiced law for about three years. But should his nomination be rejected, or if he's forced to withdraw his name, Talley does have a side gig to fall back on: moonlighting as a horror novelist.