God of War Release Date PS4 Leaked Thanks To PlayStation Network Store

God of War

Spotted by the eagle-eyed Wario64, the US PlayStation Store added a 22nd March, 2018 launch date to the game's page overnight.

But we may have learned just when Sony intends to release the game, as its arrival date appears to have been leaked on the official PlayStation Store in Chile.

If this is real, it's clear somebody goofed.

Keep in mind that in a few days 2 major video game events will be presented: The Game Awards 2017 and PlayStation Experience.

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Over the past year, various placeholder release dates for the new God of War have surfaced, including a listing by a Portuguese retailer and one from the actor who portrays Kratos, Christopher Judge, who mentioned a 2018 release.

Typically, they arrive in stores on a Tuesday or Friday. Still, it could fit into place with a schedule that also includes Detroit: Become Human and Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, along with other titles that are set to release on PlayStation 4.

It's likely that we'll get an official release date for God Of War at PSX later this week.

Until then all we can do is follow the news where it takes us and brings it to you as soon as possible. That lines up with Sony's early 2018 estimate from E3, and gives the start of next year another huge title to look forward to.