IPhone X, unlocked and SIM-free, arrives in US

SIM-free iPhone X models

You can purchase the iPhone X from the link below... Yet even despite the rumored shortages of face-scanning camera tech and OLED displays, Apple has done an admirable job of getting stock back on track after the initial few weeks. USA customers can place orders on Apple's website for SIM-free iPhone Xs, rather than ordering a device that's already married to a specific carrier.

You can now buy the unlocked version of the iPhone X on Apple's website and the handset supports both CDMA and GSM networks, which means it will work with all four of the mobile carriers.

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The phone sold out as soon preorders started on October 27th, and many people struggled to find one in retail stores on launch day.

Prior to Monday evening, customers had to choose a wireless carrier in the US, buying the phone with an AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon SIM. If you chose to skip carrier activation at the time of purchase, you'll need to insert an active SIM card or contact a carrier to set up an account. This version gives the freedom of activating the phone at any local or worldwide carrier by simply getting a SIM card from your desired operator. You'll either have to pay for the device in full up front, or entertain special financing through Apple, which won't charge interest if you pay the phone off in 18 months.