The Division gets update 1.8 and free weekend this week

The Division- Skirmish

When it comes to Update 1.8's new modes, Skirmish will have three arenas for two teams of four to battle one another in "first-to-20-kills" matches, while Resistance will offer players the chance to band together to fight ever-increasing waves of enemies within the West Side Piers. Which pits two teams of four against each other with all the excitement of a time limit and the victor determined by the highest number of kills.

The publisher has announced The Division's big "Resistance" update will launch tomorrow (December 5). Resistance is a horde-like mode where four players can take down waves of enemy factions from Manhatten, with players receiving different rewards depending on how long they are able to survive for. Additionally, all The Division owners will have free access to all of the expansions included in The Division's Season Pass (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand) from December 5th to December 10th. Teams earn points each time a downed enemy player is eliminated.

Update 1.8 will be free for everybody who owns the game. This free period will be available across all available platforms and accessible to free weekend players.

The Division- Resistance
The Division gets update 1.8 and free weekend this week

What's more is that 1.8 will also include a social hub too, not to mention improvements to the Underground DLC, a new revamp of the rogue mechanics, and optimisations to the gear system.

Starting December 6, the game and all of its three expansions will also be discounted up to 70% off on the Microsoft Store. Well, Ubisoft is offering a free weekend.

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