15 things we learned during Willie Taggart's FSU introduction

Willie Taggart introduced as FSU's new football coach

OR linebacker Troy Dye called Willie Taggart a liar as one of multiple Ducks players to call out their former coach on social media Wednesday.

Taggart revealed the timetable that led the Wednesday's press conference.

He was also the head coach at Florida International for six seasons, posting a 27-47 record before getting fired. While that is not at all unusual for a man tabbed with leading a blue blood program, Taggart elected to leave the Oregon Ducks without a head coach and, apparently, that is not going over well with everyone.

After thanking OR boosters Phil Knight and Pat Kilkenny, as well as athletic director Rob Mullens and UO president Michael Schill, for giving him his first job in a Power Five conference, he called himself sorry for leaving so quickly - 15 days before recruits can sign national letters of intent. Taggart met with FSU officials on Monday in Arizona before news broke of his decision on Tuesday.

The Florida native is returning to the Sunshine State to coach Florida State. Rob Mullens, who I thought was an awesome AD, for him to give me my first opportunity to coach in the Power Five, you feel bad because you feel like you let him down, and I know I did. I apologize. The timing is probably not right, but it's never right when it's time to leave.

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"He said to me ... and I'm sorry if I get a little emotional here, folks", Taggart said Wednesday, wiping away tears.

The timing couldn't be much worse for OR with a bowl game to play on December 16 and an early recruiting signing period beginning on December 20.

Leavitt had a more successful run building South Florida with 95-57 record in 13 seasons as head coach, but he was sacked in 2010 after being accused of hitting a player. Some fun facts about the Ducks' interim head coach. It started last Thursday with the knowledge that FSU was interested in him, Taggart said.

By all accounts, Taggart could not have made a better first impression. Again, I know, growing up, guys wanted to be a 'Nole.

Across the country, not all Ducks players and recruits agreed. "I feel like our recruiting class is not going to be as good as it should have been in the coming years", said Lucas Murphy, a freshman at U of O. "It's frustrating having three coaches in three years".