Bigg Boss 11, Day 66 HIghlights: Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11 Priyank Sharma Divya Agarwal

Luv says he wants to go to the washroom, and Vikas and Hiten join him. Arshi and Priyank now decide to wait and see how Vikas plays this game of captaincy.

They will be Baby Sitters taking care of little ones as part of "BB Day Care.' Each one is given a baby-like doll to take care of for the entire day; wherein the doll is a miniature of another contestant of the house". This is an accomplishment for her, as she's often cited as the most playful contestant in the house, who is always teasing Hiten Tejwani and fighting with Hina, but has now proved her worth. Puneesh asks Vikas to promise that he will not make Arshi the captain as well. He takes Shilpa out in the garden area and requests her to forgive Arshi, who is also there. The TV actress also said that how Hiten's wife was right to say, 'be a leader and not a follower'.

He even tells Luv that the two are not friends anymore and that Tyagi should rather maintain distance from him. On the next buzzer, Vikas gets into the parking and Arshi Khan becomes the captain of the house. Vikas and Hiten agree with her on her face. But looks like things didn't go well as they had planned and this has led to an intense fight between Luv and Priyank.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv's doll sleep together.

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Akash was anxious at night that Arshi was crying. Everyone congratulates Arshi for becoming the captain. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help.

Reportedly, Priyank was miffed with Luv for not keeping him as a priority during the captaincy task.

Hina told Arshi, "Vikas Gupta ko ek baby-sitter chahiye". Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas' game-plan. Well, Priyank says "yes", but in a non-committal way. This is when Shilpa tells him that they shouldn't fight and he forcibly kisses Shilpa on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Akash is on his own trip. The doll represented Shilpa and Arshi was seen taking her frustration out of the doll. Shilpa, however, refused. Arshi and Shilpa then launched into yet another fight hurling abuses at each other. Arshi tells her to leave. Vikas regrets his decision and apologises to Shilpa.