Attempt to kill spider starts house fire in California

A wolf spider waits for prey outside its hiding place. Source Getty

Residents of a Californian apartment block have been forced out of their homes after a man set the building on fire while trying to kill a spider by setting it alight.

Officials said the fire caused about Dollars 11,000 in damage and some apartments in the building were "uninhabitable" now.

The man used a torch-style lighter to try and kill the huge wolf spider after spotting it in the bedroom of his flat, said Lyndsey Wisegarver, a caregiver to the residents.

A warning to people with arachnophobia: here's one way you don't want to kill a spider.

'It was a huge wolf spider, ' Wisegarver said.

Fire officials say the blaze spread from the mattress to a collection of flags and curtains inside the bedroom.

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Fire officials said the resident attempted to put the fire out with a garden hose but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Everyone was safely evacuated and the blaze was quickly brought under control but Redding Fire Battalion Chief Rob Pitt told KRCR news that the apartment is now uninhabitable.

He ended up hitting the spider, who dashed onto a mattress, catching the furniture on fire.

"And it was such an interesting comment that it grew legs and spread like wildfire", he said, adding that the fire department's investigation remains ongoing.

Redding Fire Department has been contacted for comment.

She told the newspaper they had been keen to move out anyway. 'We'll make it work, ' she added.