CES 2018: Samsung's new smart refrigerator has AKG speakers built

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We just don't think it has the same power just yet, despite its integration with Samsung SmartThings and other recently shown off developments such as individual voice control. This new app unifies existing IoT apps into a single touchpoint for the connected life.

"By 2020, all Samsung connected devices will not only be IoT ready, they will also be intelligent", promised HS Kim, head of Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division, in his remarks at the outset of the event.

With the Apple Watch, users are capable of controlling some of their connected household appliances via the wearable, which makes ideal sense if you'd rather not walk around your home with your phone.

Doogee V - stylish clone Apple iPhone X
As Evan Blass points out in his tweet , the V has a 6.2-inch display, and that panel is surrounded by very minimal bezels. The phone has a vertically arranged dual camera system on the back, similar to the leaked images of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Iran reported arrests ex-President Ahmadinejad for inciting unrest
The country has deployed Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces and Afghan mercenaries in order to stem the anti-government protests . The protests against rising prices and unemployment were suddenly turned into anti-government power display events.

Google Doodle honors biochemist Har Gobind Khorana
In 1976, they completed the synthesis of the first fully functional manmade gene in a living cell. A career at prominent universities gave Khorana the ability to conduct world-changing research.

We shouldn't be surprised since Samsung has been keen to position Bixby as a viable alternative to Amazon and Google's efforts. Meal preparation and food storage are easier because the appliance knows what's inside. I say theoretically because everyone (including Samsung) knows Bixby still needs much improvement to catch up with the competition. Additionally, Samsung announced that Harman Ignite will also be incorporated into the SmartThings Cloud so you will be able to manage your connected home from the vehicle and vice versa. In 2017, Samsung spent more than $14 billion on R&D.

Also new is that Samsung is going to use its Knox security technology within all its smart home consumer devices. The system was made even smarter when Samsung added Bixby to the Family Hub fridge and other appliances previous year. You can share notes, photos, and calendars with your family and access them on the hi-tech fridge that also lets you mirror your Samsung Smart TV1.

If 3G was equivalent to putting the internet in your pocket, 5G, the next generation of mobile connectivity, is tantamount to fibre broadband in your pocket, Baxter said. The Telematics Control Unit (TCU) supports communication between the vehicle and everything from cars, infrastructure, networks and pedestrians making the auto fully aware and responsive to its surroundings.