Ibuprofen may temporarily reduce male fertility

Ibuprofen male infertility issue joins cardiac risk as painkiller concerns grow

Male fertility is dropping around the world and the researchers wanted to see if ibuprofen might be contributing to this. Health professionals may recommend longer-term use.

A new study has found that men who take about 1200 milligrams of Ibuprofen a day experience hormonal imbalances that are associated with infertility.

Common brands of ibuprofen include Advil and Motrin.

The studied was performed with the help of 31 volunteers (males) with ages between 18 and 35. In the group, the men who took 600 mg of Ibuprofen (the equivalent of three tablets) twice a day developed a condition called compensated hypogonadism. Samples were taken before and after the trial for comparison.

This led, they said, to compensated hypogonadism, a condition linked to reproductive and other health problems normally found in elderly men.

A study of nearly 1,000 men tracked for seven years found nearly twice as many with testosterone deficiency - or hypogonadism - died as did those with normal levels. Testosterone production, however, did not increase concurrently, resulting in a lower ratio of testosterone to luteinizing hormone - a sign of hypogonadism, according to the paper.

Several experts have reacted to the study findings.

According to scientists, these men may also experience erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and muscle wastage, as prolonged ibuprofen usage disrupted testosterone hormones.

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He said investigating ibuprofen-induced compensatory hypogonadism is crucial as the disorder is "generally associated with smoking and ageing".

As Forbes notes, this is the first study to provide evidence with regards to the negative impact of ibuprofen on testicular physiology.

The study of 31 male participants found the administration of ibuprofen reduced production of testosterone by almost a quarter in about six weeks - resulting in compensated hypogonadism.

"However, this is now speculative".

Men who dream of starting a family may want to pass on the ibuprofen the next time they have a headache.

Based on the results, researchers don't recommend taking ibuprofen for longer than the 10 days it says on the packet.

A new study shows that there's another side effect that we should take into consideration.

However, it's unknown whether the health effects of long-term ibuprofen use are reversible, he added.