Dell's new Mobile Connect software puts your phone on your PC

Microsoft announces first mobile carriers to support Always Connected PCs

The company has created an app called Mobile Connect that will let you have similar functionality and plans to ship the app on most of its new PCs.

In addition to messages and phone calls, Dell's new app will also allow your phone's notifications (even from third-party apps) to appear on Dell PCs that support Mobile Connect. Dell is working on introducing a Continuum like feature to be called as "Mobile Connect". Dell Moblile Connect apps are available for iOS 10 and above, Android 5 and above devices.

During a recent demo, I watched as a text sent to an Android phone arrived on both the handset and the connected XPS 13. You don't have to use Windows' People app to do so; instead, you can simply access your phone's contacts. If you initiated a phone call from your laptop, you'd be using the PC's microphone and speakers for your conversation.

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The kicker is what Inditzky calls a proprietary wireless connection between an Android smartphone and the PC.

Regarding security concerns, both the Bluetooth and WiFi Direct connections are point-to-point, so transmissions never travel through a router or via the internet.

If you don't have a Dell PC, you are stuck with Pushbullet, which is actually quite more than enough for most users. SMS messages can be engaged with through the Message tab or through an SMS notification as it comes up. According to Inditzky, you'll have to hover over the notification with your mouse to see the full notification, preserving your privacy in public places. Users must note that the software doesn't allow running an Android app on the PC, it lets them view and control an app, running on the Android phone, on the PC display. In a demonstration, it seemed to work flawlessly, though there was a small bit of lag. But HP has also started to offer texting, calling, and notification syncing through an app called Phone Wise, however it's limited right now to just three business-focused laptops.