Magnanimous Star Celine Dion Helped a Disruptive Fan During Her Show

The show won't go on: Céline forced to cancel another concert

Dion was performing during her concert residency Céline at the Colosseum in Las Vegas, which has been running since March 2011 and has grossed almost $230m so far.

But she is hoping to resume her performances at the legendary music venue on Friday (12.01.18).

Céline Dion has cancelled another Las Vegas concert due to "doctor's orders".

So far the show set for Friday remains scheduled as planned.

Dion calmly told the woman: "I'm glad you came up onstage tonight, I'm glad you just wanted to come closer to me", before being vigorously embraced by the fan.

Celine Dion's handling of the situation, which could've easily gone wrong, with utmost grace and poise, earned her huge praise from fans everywhere.

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Dion then proceeds to thank her security detail for doing what they were supposed to do, thanks her audience for their patience, and checks in with the women one last time to make sure that she's okay.

Social media was also abuzz this week over Dion's grace under fire as she spoke with a drunk fan on stage at her show.

Dion chatted with and sang to the unidentified woman for a couple of minutes, before making sure she was safely escorted from the stage.

The woman told security "don't touch me", before asking Dion: "Can I touch you?" "I love you more".

"I think it was important", she added. "I can't wait. Come on, Lady Gaga, we're waiting for you". But thanks to this incident, our heart, full of admiration and love for her, will go on!