Robert De Niro turns innocuous award presentation into profanity-fueled Trump rant

Robert de Niro attacked President Trump during an awards ceremony speech on Tuesday night in New York calling him a'f***ing idiot and a'fool

"Today the world is suffering from real Donald Trump".

The 74-year-old compared Trump's administration to that of Richard Nixon's, attempting to tie in his political tirade to his task of introducing Streep as the best actress victor.

De Niro was at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala to present Streep with a Best Actress trophy for her work in Steven Spielberg's The Post. Given the Pentagon Papers drama's timely story of a free press threatened by a sitting president, De Niro didn't miss the opportunity to take a few digs at the current commander-in-chief. De Niro put Donald Trump on blast and then some during his introduction, referring to the President as both America's "baby-in-chief" and "jerkoff-in-chief".

The actor has assembled quite the arsenal of anti-Trump messaging, which started employing prior to the 2016 election when he urged voters to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

The events of The Post "took place almost 50 years ago (in 1971), but there are many parallels today, obviously", De Niro said. What are we talking about? "This f-ing idiot is the president", he lamented. "It's The Emperor's New Clothes - the guy is a f-- fool...our baby-in-chief - the "J---in-chief" I call him", De Niro said while introducing Meryl Streep.

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"Just like in 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with fearless, exacting journalism", De Niro said.

"The movie gave us glimpses of President Nixon as delusional, petty, vindictive, nasty and batsh*t f*cking insane", he added. Ah the good old days. He instead decided that a bashing of the President was first necessary.

- Remy Carreiro (@Remy_Anne) January 10, 2018 The irony of course is that Robert De Niro didn't say anything about Trump that his own cabinet members, Rupert Murdoch and his rich supposed friends don't reportedly say about him. He's also said that Trump "sullied the presidency", and that America under Trump has become a "tragic dumbass comedy". He just said it in De Niro-ese (with lots of cussing).

Read the entirety's of De Niro's National Board of Review speech below.